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↪️ Changing the position of an article

Find out how to change the position of your article

So you want to display your articles in a different order than they currently are? Well, then you have come to the right place.


In Notion:

  1. Simply use drag and drop to move your article to your desired position

📽 Video Instruction:

Notion image

🤔 Troubleshoot: My articles are not in order!

In 99% of cases the issue is that one of your Notion databases contains a second database view which unfortunately can throw of how HelpKit returns the article order. To fix the issue all you have to do is delete the additional database view and resync your knowledge base.

Read more about the issue and how to quickly solve the issue in this help article.

Don't forget to sync your knowledge base

In order to serve your customers with the fastest knowledge base on earth 🌍 we cache most of the Notion data. This means that you have to press the 🔁 Sync now button in your admin dashboard whenever you change the structure of your knowledge base.

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