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Why do I need a knowledge base?

Learn about why a knowledge base is essential for your company

Unless you have built a flawless product (congratulations 🤩), your customers will always have questions. They want to get immediate help when they need it most. No emails, no chat, no annoying waiting for an answer.

A knowledge base can provide all the information that your customers need in one place. It can range from FAQs about your product/service, common issues and their solutions, videos with tutorials on how to do things and more.



So what is HelpKit? Well, we wouldn’t be named HelpKit if we wouldn’t deliver the best way to create a powerful, flexible and reliable knowledge base – all powered by the best content management system in the world: Notion.


You can use all the blocks you know and love from Notion, have a custom domain, embeddable widgets and much more ⚡


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