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Setting up Messagebird for live chat

Find out how to integrate Messagebird for live chat support

Messagebird is an omnichannel communications platform, built for global scale that offers a convenient live chat widget for users to implement on their site.

In order to integrate Messagebird as a live chat contact provider you need to provide a Widget Id.

Locating the Widget Id

  1. First, log into your Messagebird account
  1. Next install Live Chat as an Inbox Channel and configure the Omnichannel Widget to make it your own
  1. Once you’re happy with your custom Omnichannel Widget configuration, it’s time to install the Omnichannel Widget in HelpKit
  1. To locate your unique widget id, we need to look at the code snippet.
  1. You can find your installation snippet in your Omnichannel Widget Settings in Inbox
  1. Locate and copy just the Widget Id without the quotation marks
  1. In the HelpKit dashboard go to Settings/Integrations/Contact Integration
  1. Select Messagebird
  1. Enter the code in the Widget Id field and hit save
Notion image
  1. Tada! 🎉

If you are having trouble finding the App ID please refer to Messagebird’s post on how to find it.

IMPORTANT: Please don't forget to remove the original Javascript code you installed on your site for this provider. HelpKit automatically loads this for you so you don't need to load it manually yourself as well. Doing so will cause issues. If you passed custom settings or user properties to this provider via the original Javascript code and you are not sure whether they will be carried through to your HelpKit setup, then please contact us.
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