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Integrating HelpKit with a ticketing system

Find out how to integrate Zendesk, Freshdesk and more

This article will quickly guide you through how to setup HelpKit’s contact form with ticketing systems such as Zendesk, Freshdesk or HubSpot.


In this tutorial we will be using Zendesk as the example but please note that the same workflow almost applies the exact same for other ticketing software.


1. Obtain your ticketing support email address


In Zendesk, go to your Admin Center and navigate to Channels.

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Next, click on Email and on your right you will see your default assigned support ticket email. In this case it is Perhaps you have setup your own custom support domain with your ticket system such as, in this case you can use that one as well.

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2. Add your ticket email to HelpKit

Next up, you need to setup your HelpKit support email with this email.

  1. Navigate to Settings
  1. Click on Integrations
  1. Choose Contact Form as your contact integrations
  1. Add your support email in the according input field
  1. Click Save
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3. Receive your contact form requests via your ticketing system

Congratulations! That’s it. From now on, every contact form request will land in your preferred ticketing system. Happy ticketing! 🥳




Should there be an issue with your delivered emails showing the default email instead of your customer’s email you can try the following. Underneath the support mail field click on the ⚙️ Advanced dropdown menu and switch the From Sender to User’s Email.

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