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What are search intents insights?

Find out how you can learn from your users search queries

HelpKit insights are a great way to understand how your customers are using your knowledge base so that you can learn from it and improve your articles.

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What are HelpKit search intents?


Search intents allows you to learn about the most frequently searched terms and create helpful articles based on which queries led to customers finding an article and which did not. Our system stores and analyses every single of your users searches performed from your knowledge base site’s search bar. All searches are stored fully anonymized and privacy friendly.


The search intent dashboard provides you with an overview of the total searches as well as search hits and misses. We aggregate queries that led to no search result based on their frequency so you can easily identify ideas for new support articles. Moreover, you can browse the entire search history and identify which queries led to which articles as well as which queries hit a dead-end.


We believe that this feature is a great new way of identifying bottlenecks in your knowledge base performance and ultimately satisfy your customers even better.


You can find the search intent section in thee HelpKit dashboard by navigating to Insights tab in the top menu bar.


Please note that this insight feature is currently work-in-progress and we highly appreciate any feedback!

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