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What are article reactions?

Learn how article reactions can help you scout good vs bad articles

Article reactions are a great way to help you scout good vs bad articles. This way you can improve articles that don't work and learn from those that do. Every article you publish with HelpKit will have a reaction component at the end of the page.

Reaction component on the bottom page of your articles
Reaction component on the bottom page of your articles

Receiving feedback from your customers

By clicking on either one of these three emojis, your customers can voice their feelings whether the article helped them or not.


"Did this answer your question?"

🀩 β‡’ corresponds to: Yes

😐 β‡’ corresponds to: Neutral

😞 β‡’ corresponds to: No


Evaluating article reactions

In your admin dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Knowledge Base page
  1. In the middle of the page you will see the percentage distribution of your customers' feedback.
Notion image

A row of empty dashes – means that the article has not yet received a reaction.

Pro tip: You can also hover over the numbers with your mouse and see the absolute numbers of customers that voted for each reaction

Reseting article reactions

We are currently working on this feature. If you need one or more article reactions to be reset, please just shot us an email and we will do it for you πŸ˜‰

Please note that article reactions are part of the Premium plan only.
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