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Three easy steps to get started with HelpKit

Learn about how to get started with HelpKit in just three steps

Hey and welcome to HelpKit! 👋

HelpKit can be used for a variety of use cases such as your public help center, a technical documentation wiki, internal company knowledge base or even to sell gated content to your knowledge.


HelpKit does this by using our pre-defined Notion template which consists out of multiple Notion databases and turning it into a fully responsive and fast website and embeddable widget. Getting started is super simple and intuitive. It only takes the following three steps to get started:


1. Duplicate our Notion template

To fast track your onboarding we suggest you to duplicate our 👉 predefined Notion template into your own Notion workspace and give it a cool name.

Notion image
Please make sure you are logged in with Notion before you duplicate. Otherwise, you might end up with a blank loading screen. 🕰️ It sometimes can take a bit of time for the duplication process - please be patient.

2. Copy your Notion Page link

Next, copy the shareable link of your root page. Published to web should be enabled.

In your Notion workspace:

  1. On your root page hover over the very top of your Notion page
  1. Click on the Share button
  1. Click on the Publish tab and click the blue Publish to web button
  1. Click the Copy icon next to the site link

📽 How to make your page public:

Notion image

3. Paste your Notion Page Link

Last but not least, paste the Notion page URL from your clipboard into the according field. Wait a few seconds until HelpKit fetched your page and displays the green checkmark.

Notion image
Notion image

After the onboarding setup is finished - feel free to jump into your Notion template and adjust it with your own help content.


🤯 Have issues connecting your Notion page?

Watch this quick explainer video to learn how to get connected quickly and fixing the most common issues.


▶️ What’s should I do next?

Boom, you have successfully connected Notion to HelpKit! Next, you can go ahead and start editing the content, sync it with HelpKit and start sharing your knowledge base with your users.

Watch our quick walkthrough video to learn how to navigate the HelpKit dashboard and get the best out of it.


In case you are planning to use HelpKit as your support center we encourage you to also take a look at our guide on how you can really reduce your support tickets with HelpKit. It’s our tried-and-tested strategy to maximize your customer support experience.


🛟 Need More Help? I’m Here for You

Dominik, founder of HelpKit here. First of all, thanks for checking out the best solution to turn your Notion pages into a professional help center or documentation site. Combined with our built-in analytics, article feedback, search intent and more writing your knowledge base has never been more productive and enjoyable. I am personally committed to making your HelpKit experience as smooth as possible, so should you ever need any guidance or have feedback, I am all ears! Simply reach me via my 📧 email:

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