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Customizing and redirecting article URLs

Learn how to create an alias redirect for your help article URLs

HelpKit’s Article Redirect feature allows you to create alias links for your help articles. This allows you to enter an alternative path that redirects to your target article. Besides being helpful for sending shorter links it can also help migrating from another knowledge base service while keeping the same custom domain.

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How to add a redirect link

  1. Navigate to /knowledge-base
  1. Choose your preferred article and click on ✍️ Edit
  1. Choose 🔗 Set Redirect Link
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4. Next, enter whatever path name you wish. HelpKit automatically pre-populates a concise version of the url but feel free to adjust it to your needs.

5. Click Set Link

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6. The page will refresh and your link has been generated.


How to copy my new redirect link?

  1. Select your preferred link and click on 📑 Copy
  1. Choose 🔗 Redirect Article Link
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Please note that the article redirect link does not influence the actual knowledge base url structure. As soon as your user opens the redirect link the default url will get resolved.
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