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Opening the widget

Learn how to programatically open a single article on your website

Last updated on October 31, 2021

It seems like you are looking for a way to programatically open the HelpKit widget? You have come to the right place. Using our widget API is super simple.


To open the widget you can use the function.

Β, type?, articleId?)


view String : 'popover' | 'sidebar'

type String : 'article' (optional)

articleId String : 'your_article_page_id' (optional)


Opening the widget

In order to open the widget within your website all you have to do is define the view parameter

Example of a button with an event listener that displays the widget πŸ‘‡

<button onclick="'popover')">Open the widget</button>

Opening a single article

In order to open a single article within your website you have to define all three parameters.

Example of a button with an event listener that displays a single article πŸ‘‡

<button onclick="'popover', 'article', 'qYFazNTSwDkVohWu9S5rbe')">Open the widget</button>

Getting the articleId

In order to obtain the articleId string simply:

  1. Navigate to the Knowledge Base tab,
  1. Find your desired article
  1. Click on the Copy ⬇️ button
  1. Select either Open Article Code to copy the full javascript function or Article ID to just obtain the specific id.
Notion image

Popover vs Sidebar view

Here you can see the visual difference between 'popover' and 'sidebar'

view 'popover'
view 'sidebar'
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